10 Amazing DIY Bird Feeders Ideas

Every winter, at my daycare, I make handmade bird feeders to hang from our trees and place around our gardens. Since I aim to keep things as simple as possible around here, the components of our feeders are always sourced from everyday items found in households.

The hooligans usually like the process, and they are so happy when they see birds and squirrels munching away at the feeders that they created with their very own hands.

Since I adore things that are a little bit different, here are our top recommendations for imaginative DIY bird feeders that any gardener can design for their feathered friends. Even if you have never done it before, making bird feeders is a simple project that brings you closer to nature. All of these have great step-by-step tutorials, and some of them would be fun to make with your family.

Geometric DIY Bird Feeders

Zest It Up‘ has the best DIY projects, and this geometric bird feeder is no exception. This was created using some copper tubing, some 1x4s, some rope, and some adhesive! A terra cotta plate served as the base.


Photo by Zest It Up

Colourful House Bird Feeders

Is there anything cuter than this? This creative and modern concept for a bird feeder comes to us from the blog “Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.” Simple activity that you can even do with your kids!In the event that you want a little bit more visual training, there is also a video lesson. 😉


Photo by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

DIY Bird Feeders With Boho Style

This easy-to-make bird feeder in a Bohemian design comes from the website ‘Vintage Revivals‘ and requires just a few things that are found around the home. Additionally, it makes use of materials that have been previously used, making it eco-friendly.


Photo by Vintage Revivals

DIY Bird Feeders With Logs

Let’s have a look at an easy-to-make bird feeder that only requires a log and less than 15 minutes of your time. This instruction comes from “Suncatcher Studio,” and it even includes a little video to help you better understand what it is that you are supposed to be doing. I am in love with the rustic appearance of this feeder!


Photo by Suncatcher Studio

DIY Bird Feeders With Fruit and Grain

A bird feeder that contains both fruit and grain is an ideal way to recycle fruit that has been left out for too long. This was gone in no time at all thanks to the birds! – CBC Parents

These fruit and cheerio bird feeders are a fantastic way to use up cereal that has gone stale as well as produce that has passed its peak of freshness. The construction of these feeders helps children develop their fine-motor abilities, and it also provides opportunities for them to learn counting and patterning.


Photo by CBC Parents

DIY Bird Feeders With Macrame

Another craft that makes use of macrame is this hanging plant hanger (which seems to be making a come back). Delia, who blogs at “Delia Creates,” walks us through the process of creating an extremely hip and contemporary DIY bird feeder, complete with a video lesson.


Photo by Delia Creates

“Cake” Bird Feeders

These simple do-it-yourself bird feeder cakes need just three ingredients and can be whipped up in no time for your feathered companions. These are very wonderful to have in your garden, and they are from the book “Wine & Glue.”


Photo by Wine & Glue

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders

This easy-to-make popsicle stick bird feeder is a lovely project for families to work on together, and it comes to us from Tonya @ Create Celebrate Explore. Simple, enjoyable, and well-organized! This lesson has very clear and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as a large number of accompanying photographs.


Photo by Create Celebrate Explore

Diy Bird Feeders With Glass Shade

You may create a bird feeder out of glass shades by following the instructions in “The Art of Doing Stuff.” This is a project that has a more modern look to it, and I really enjoy how unique the bird feeders are in comparison to others on the market. These have also been hung using an embroidery hoop in many parts of the world, which is another method we’ve observed. This may have to be added to our list of things “to create”!


Photo by The Art of Doing Stuff

Diy Bird Feeders With Glass Bottle

These DIY glass bottle bird feeders may appear store-bought, but they are not! I have featured projects from “The Garden Roof Coop” in the past, so you might be familiar with their work. They provide a great instruction, and you won’t believe how simple it is to follow it! These are my favorites! Wine bottle bird feeders are another kind that we’ve seen around, and they look rather good!


Photo by The Garden Roof Coop