Fall Planter Ideas – Change Up Your Garden Home With the Seasons

As the flowers of spring and summer fade, it’s time to plant some pretty things that will add a big splash of autumn color and fall curb appeal while being able to handle the cooler nights of autumn. Rudbeckia, also called black-eyed Susan, is one of my favorite flowers. This perennial plant is good for bees and other pollinators, and it blooms all summer long and for a long time into the fall. Gotta love that! Find out how to use these ideas for fall planters to make a big impression in just three easy steps.

Step 1 – Fall Front Porch Planter Ideas

When your fall containers start to look stale, nothing wakes them up like a new plant with foliage plant. In this season, when everything can look busy, it’s important to add a plant with leaves to help the eye “rest.” Foliage will also last longer in colder weather, giving your containers more time to be used. Our favs? Ornamental Kale is always a good choice, but so are different kinds of ivy, dusty miller, and lamium. Plant some divisions in your pots if you have lamb’s ear (or any other foliage perennial) growing in your garden. At this time of year, hardy herbs can also be a good idea. You might have some plants from last year that can stay put and help here, too… Don’t get rid of a plant too quickly just because it isn’t flowering.

Photo by: Southern Living


Photo by Southern Living

Step 2 – Fall Flowers for Pots

Here’s where you make it shine! Put in some colorful annual fall plants like mums, pansies, asters, and zinnias here. You don’t need many here, just pick one or two that you really like! And don’t skimp. Your fall plants won’t have much time to grow, so put them close together to make them look like they came from a garden center. You can use just one or two colors for a calmer look this time of year, or you can go all out and have a fall planter fiesta. You can even use colored leaves as filler “flowers” in a container with only leaves in it. From the book “Momcrieff,” this is a great example of how to use filler flowers, some of which are cut flowers. What a great mix for this idea for a planter.

Source: Costa Farms


Photo by Costa Farms

Step 3 – DIY Fall Planters

Ornamental grasses are inexpensive and frequently on sale in the fall.For your fall container garden, choose a few different sizes and shapes of plant material to create texture, height, and structure.. Make sure the taller grasses are in the back of the pot. You could also add texture to your fall planter by using branches and berries.

Source: Houzz


Photo by Houzz

Tips for Making DIY Fall Planter

Still don’t know where to start with your fall planters? You will need to get rid of the summer annuals that have died in your containers. If you have the money, pull out a few new containers. When cleaning out the old plants, don’t be afraid to pull out those tangled roots. If you need to, use a sharp knife. When you put the new plants in the containers, add more fresh soil and pack it lightly. Water. This time of year is also great for reusing containers… The hard work that went into the garden yield is only hinted at by a planted wheelbarrow or rusty tin buckets!!

Liz Marie” put her fall mums on her front porch in old pots and pans. This is a great idea for a fall planter because the pumpkins add texture and make it look like fall.


Photo by Liz Marie

This idea for a fall planter in a wheelbarrow is something that anyone can do. Just put the nursery pots in the wheelbarrow and hide them with pumpkins, straw bales, and other fall decorations. It’s also an option to drill a few holes in the wheelbarrow’s bottom, fill it with soil, and then plant right there! If you want to reuse an old, rusty one, you might not even need to drill holes. Picture from “Cape Cod Happening


Photo by Cape Cod Happening

If you want a perfect primer to how to take care of your fall planters and containers, go to “Garden Therapy” and learn about all the things you need to do to keep them looking great.

What do you think? Can’t wait to use fall planter ideas to spruce up your yard and make a stylish start to the holiday season! If you wanna look for more ideas about home garden topic, check out my blogs on DIY Project here!


Photo by Garden Therapy