How to Build an Easy DIY Indoor Greenhouse

If you don’t have outdoor space or it’s too cold to plant there, you can always make an indoor greenhouse to start seeds easily and grow whatever you want. It can also help you easily extend your gardening season. Let’s look at what I can build at home.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse With Grow Light

Try making a greenhouse with grow lights if you really want an Ikea hack that works for you. This one “By Brittany Goldwyn” is not only beautiful, but it also has lights that help plants grow. She also keeps an eye on the inside of the cabinet with the help of a temperature and humidity sensor. She made her own indoor greenhouse using an Ikea Fabrikor cabinet, but you could use any size cabinet for the same project. There are a lot of pictures that show how she made it and how she uses it. Her plants that like humidity get a break from the harsh, dry winter air, and her cat and little kid have a harder time getting to the plants.

Also, don’t forget to listen to her little tip… Some plants don’t like the greenhouse’s high humidity. So don’t just assume that all of your plants will want to move here. Thanks to the grow lights, you could also use this same cabinet to start flats of seeds.


Photo by By Brittany Goldwyn

Gold Mini Greenhouse DIY

A plan that will take you less than 30 minutes and less than 30 dollars. This is a hack from Ikea. You can use a glass terrarium or an IKEA Socker Greenhouse. Well, it’s not much of a hack since I’m going to buy one and fix it up, but the little indoor greenhouse was too cute not to include.

The Ikea greenhouse comes with instructions on how to put it together, but the site also has many pictures and a more detailed explanation of how to do it. Even though the plan is a little old, it will be easier to make now because you can buy all kinds of materials online.

The stark white is a little boring, so the DIYer painted everything gold, including the scissors, the mirror, and the green house. It will certainly look like King Midas walked through the house.


Photo on Socker Greenhouse

DIY Windowsill Greenhouse

A windowsill greenhouse is a simple method to grow plants in your home using the light. Go to HGTV to learn how to make mini greenhouses out of recycled plastic food containers. Not only is this project easy, but it’s also free! Also, it keeps plastic out of landfills, which is something I want to see more of. They also work! Since they are small, you can keep them right on a narrow windowsill to get the most light. With a bigger seed flat, you can’t do that. Two-liter pop bottles and empty berry or fruit containers make great humidity domes for cuttings or seedlings. They may also reuse egg cartons in recycled bread sacks for humidity.


Photo by HGTV

Grow Light Shelf Installation

A low-cost Ikea 6 storage unit and some affordable utility lights are used in this indoor growing arrangement. A task that can be finished in less than a day.

You will need to buy a cheap shelving unit and some grow lights. Attach them according to the plan, and you are ready to grow some tasty microgreens or sprouts. It’s just a simple shelf, but you can buy a fitted, zippered cover for it to turn it into a real greenhouse.

This DIY indoor greenhouse is easy to make because the materials list and directions are written down.

Source: Garden Therapy


Photo by Garden Therapy

Low-cost Wooden Patio Planter

This is a plan for making a greenhouse out of a curio cabinet. Curiosity cabinets, which already have glass panels and doors fitted, make this an interesting idea for a greenhouse.

These cabinets are also cheap, and you can find a lot of great designs for less than $30. Everything you need to know about how to do the green greenhouse makeover is on the site. Put it somewhere sunny and cool, and then you can use it to start seedlings or plant all your favorite plants in it. A great way to show off your green thumb. All you need to do is click here once.


Photo by Not Just A Housewife