How to Make Your Creative Rockery in Your Backyard

There are so many great ideas for rock gardens that will help you create a beautiful rockery, no matter how big or small your garden is.

Adding a rockery is one of the best ways to add interest to a backyard landscape design, but it also has many other benefits.

The founder of Ethos Seed Company, Marjorie Beausoleil, says that planting a rock garden is the best way to turn a potential eyesore into a beautiful place full of life.

Rock Crafts

Making rock feet has become very popular on Pinterest, and I have to say that it appeals to my family side without looking too cutesy. I love it! The instructions are pretty easy to understand. 😉 Just take your time and look for the right rocks for what you want to do.


Photo by The Garden Glove

Integrate Steps Into Your Rock Garden

In a rockery, stone stairs are a natural extension, making the whole design seem more cohesive. This is also a great solution if your yard is sloping.

To prevent slipping and falling, it’s important to choose stones with a rougher or more riven texture while building garden stairs.

Clean the steps once a year to get rid of the algae that can make the surface very slippery when it rains.

In this design, the garden is on two levels, with a private dining area on the upper level. The plan plays with size by mixing large boulders and medium-sized rocks with a border of small stones that lead the eye up.


Photo by Mark Scott

Pebble Mosaic Ideas

Make mosaics out of stones to decorate your planters, stepping stones, or even the ground around your plants. First, arrange your stones in the pattern you want. Then, move them to your surface and glue them in place. Visit “Jeffrey Gardens” to see the tutorial.


Photo by Jeffrey Gardens

Drought-tolerant Plants

Rock gardens are the best choice for places that get hot and dry, like deserts. In order to make it work, you must choose the correct plants, concentrating on drought-resistant ones.

Misilla dela Llana, author of Four-Season Food Gardening, worked with Sunset Plant Collection to make her rock garden. She says that conserving water has never been more important or responsible, and that rock gardens are a great way to get a high-impact look while saving this important resource.

When rocks are in the background, the textures and movements of plants really stand out. We chose drought-resistant plants that would look good together in my garden. The Platinum Beauty Lomandra was a beautiful addition because its leaves were different colors and really stood out.

“Other plants in my rock garden include hens and chicks and other succulents, daylilies, bearded iris, aquilegia, Serbian bellflower, juniper, and bergenia.” she said.


Photo by Misilla dela Llana

Mosaic of Dragonfly Stone

Another favorite of kids, but also a great addition to any natural garden. Simple gems, sequins, and sparkly things can be bought at a dollar store or craft store. Choose a stone that is about the right size and shape for the dragonfly you want to make. Set up your sparkly pieces until you have a design you like, then copy it and use construction adhesive to stick it to your project. The edges of the stones may be partly hidden by tucking them into some tall grass or a ground cover. You can get an idea and buy it here.


Photo by Wind and Weather

Invest in Hardy ‘seaside’ Plants

Plants that grow well along the coast are tough and very hardy, so they are perfect for rock garden ideas.

When you garden by the sea, you have to deal with strong winds, salty air, bright light, and poor soil. The good things about growing plants near the coast are that maritime plants are usually resistant to drought and don’t get pests or diseases. This is helpful if you are planning a dry garden.

Hydrangeas, lavenders, and portulacas are all hardy seaside flowers that do well in sandy, well-drained soils and don’t mind being dry.


Photo by Future / Alex Ramsay

Rock Stacking Ideas in the Garden

A cairn is another name for a pile of rocks. A cairn is a pile of stones that was made by people. It was originally a Scottish way to mark a landmark or memorial. They are easy to make, can be beautiful reminders of nature in the garden, and can be added to over time as a family tradition. If you want to know how to do this as an art form, go to “Garden Design Magazine” and read their post on “the art of rock balancing.”


Photo by Garden Design Magazine

Pet Rocks for Kids (of All Ages!)

Don’t forget the pet rock. There are many cute and easy ways to paint ladybug rocks that make a garden fun for kids and adults of all ages. A great way to get kids excited about gardening. I don’t know where this cute picture came from. Please tell me in the comments if you know.


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