Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Backyard for Halloween

People spend thousands of dollars to decorate their homes and yards for Halloween. People who already decorate their yards with ghosts, black cats, witches, lanterns, and other scary things look forward to Halloween all year. People, including kids looking for candy, get excited about Christmas when they see Halloween decorations that look like Christmas decorations.

When the weather is cool and the leaves are turning colors and the nights are long and dark, October 31 is the best day to make your own Halloween decorations outside. This is the perfect time to decorate your home and property for Halloween with spooky, scary, or funny yard decorations. It is important to decorate your house and yard for Halloween to add to the fun and atmosphere of the holiday. With these spooky Halloween decorating ideas, your neighbors will be amazed by the unique holiday decorations you make.


Halloween Porch Sign

This tutorial for “Weekly Scrapper’s” Halloween countdown project was made from cedar boards, but I think it would look great if you used recycled or scrap wood instead. The countdown is done with a pencil, some paint, and a chalkboard from a dollar store.


Photo by Weekly Scrapper

Triple Porch Pumpkin

Three round, orange pumpkins are lined up in a row. Their smooth edges and rough skin make them great examples of what to look for in a pumpkin. Bows with polka dots are tied to the grass stalks with white spots.

Even though you could easily use a different color or pattern for the ribbon besides the black and white polka dots, you can’t deny that the black letters painted on the front of the balls look good with the black and white polka dot fabric. Pumpkin, that’s tasty. You can draw the letters by hand, maybe with acrylic paint or markers. This Halloween decoration looks great in any home, no matter how the letters are drawn.

Source: Dandelions Dragon Flies



Photo by Dandelions Dragon Flies

Halloween House

This easy and cheap project from “Nifty Thrifty Living” will help you make this Halloween house (on your house!). How cool!


Photo by Nifty Thrifty & Thriving

DIY Scrap Wood Ghost

You can do a number of things with both the ghosts that live in this pumpkin patch and the pumpkins themselves. You can put wooden Halloween dolls in your yard if you buy them at craft stores, cut them up and put them together yourself, or use a part-made item like a wooden pallet.

Once the shapes are clear, all that’s left to do is a light coat of paint. What you want to do will determine what kind of paint you use. For example, darker colors may need primers and paints for wood that aren’t the same as the rest. If you want a more subtle effect, you could make your own paint or posters.

Source: Creekline House



Photo by creeklinehouse

Outdoor Halloween Owl Sentries

From “Martha Stewart Living,” make these night owls to hang on the sides of your front door. These are made from poster boards (it would have to be a covered porch!) But I think Styrofoam will hold up in mild weather… Just print out the pattern and then trace it onto craft foam. You can buy large craft foam sheets at your local craft store, or you can look online at Consumer Crafts, where I found one of these scrolls.


Photo by Terri Steffes

Orange Pennants on a White String Banner

This piece can be made with just some orange string and some fabric, vinyl, or strong paper. If the pennant is going to be outside, the material must be strong enough to handle the weather, and the leash must be able to hold the weight of the pennant.

The shape of these flags is the classic “V” triangle. Even though you can see the wires on top of some of them, it’s clear that they are well protected. The pennant can be attached to the string with glue, sewing, tape, or even heat sealing, if the material can handle it.

Even though all of the pennants in this picture are orange, some crafters might like to mix orange with black, purple, or other Halloween colors.

Source: Terri Steffes



Photo by Terri Steffes

Ideas For Decorating  Backyard For Halloween Using Spiders

This is a great idea, made with spider webs and spiders from the dollar store… Great idea for a really scary Halloween layout on the front porch! The key is light! This is the best Halloween decoration for the outside at it! The picture was found on Flickr.


Photo on Flickr

White Stacks Display of Jack O’Lanterns

These Jack-o’-lanterns don’t look like real pumpkins. Made of round blocks of wood, the sides are carved into the solid surface rather than touching the hollow pumpkin shell. They are painted all white, which gives them a simple, plain look.

Even though the white paint is pretty, you can use other colors or even designs and decorations to make these pumpkins look even better. Whether the display is inside or outside has a big effect on what decorations are used.

Source: Charleston Crafted



Photo by Charleston Crafted

Multicolor Wreath & Garland with Jack Skellington Style

This set completely disproves the idea that some decorations are only good for certain times of the year. The main character from the classic holiday movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is made out of orange, green, purple, and black tulle that is strung together and rolled up to give it the right amount of volume. The baubles are made out of molds. The face of Jack Skellington and the same color scheme are all over the place.

The wreath is held together more tightly than the wreath and has a bigger picture of Skellington in the middle. This set is great for anyone who likes Tim Burton, loves Halloween, or wants to do something different with their scary decorations.

Source: Channelling Dolly



Photo by Channelling Dolly

Black & White Halloween

Another idea from “Craft Critters“… I love the porch’s black and white design!


Photo by Craft Critters


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