Make Your Own Table Top Fire Bowls and Fire Pits

There are times when you don’t want to go to the trouble of building an elaborate “fire pit” in your garden, but you still want the element of fire. No worries, I discovered some simple instructions for you to follow on how to make desktop fire bowls, which are also commonly referred to as tabletop fire pits, and which look great in any outdoor setting. Any time of year is appropriate for using fire bowls on the patio, whether you don’t want to annoy your neighbors with the smell of smoke or you just don’t have the room for a traditional fire pit. Fire is a part of nature that fits in well in a garden setting, and having it there extends the amount of time you can spend enjoying being outside after the sun has set. Imagine a “campfire” but without the hassle of gathering wood. (If you really want to go all the way, then you should learn how to construct a fire pit!)

The first photographs below show us how to create a tabletop fire bowl from ‘Dunn Lumber.’ They utilize gel fuel, which is simple to buy, and they even provide a cost-cutting suggestion for the fuel at the conclusion of the article. The majority of retailers that specialize in home renovation have all of the necessary components and materials.


Photo by Dunn Lumber

Mike from “Modern Builds” demonstrates how to create a contemporary concrete tabletop fire bowl for us! This is a wonderful lesson for those of us who truly need to be led visually through a project, and to tell you the truth, I believe it describes the majority of us. 😉


Photo by Modern Builds

This beautiful little DIY table top fire pit was constructed by Karen from ‘The Art of Doing Stuff‘ for a very reasonable price. She built it for less than $25, but I’ve seen ones quite identical to it sold for over $150…


Photo by The Art of Doing Stuff

This DIY concrete Tiki torch is another one of Mike’s creations over at “Modern Builds.” This instruction was also available in video format, and it offered something a little bit different—something that we really like!


Photo by Modern Builds

Where to Buy Tabletop Fire Bowls

In our blogs on do-it-yourself projects, I often look for reasonably priced stores that sell goods that are comparable to the ones I show how to build. This is for those of us who truly want to do the project, but are aware that I may never have the time to do so. Wayfair’s online store has a wide variety of fire bowls, some of which are seen in this gallery. Look into it, okay? There is a significant amount of variation available, both in terms of the styles available and the prices. The “Wave Gel Tabletop Fireplace” is one of the products that tops our list of favorites. It is highly recommended by customers and is available at a reasonable price.


Photo on Waifair website

This outdoor tabletop fire bowl is one of our absolute favorites. River stones and three cans of gel fuel are included in the package. Check it out on the “Wayfair” website.


Photo on Waifair website

We recommend the “Kouba Gel Fuel Tabletop Fireplace” to those of you who have a somewhat more contemporary outlook on life. Because none of these three need propane tanks because they run on gel fuel or bio-ethanol, you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Photo by A Piece of Rainbow

Using an outdoor planter in the manner of a ladder, such as the one seen here from ‘Ana White‘, it is possible to cultivate a little garden in even the tiniest corner of a patio. She made this garden planter out of some affordable wood fence pickets, and I happen to know that purchasing anything similar to this would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. Lots of in-depth directions with accompanying images, as well as a comprehensive list of materials.


Photo by Ana White

I hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to make a tabletop fire bowl or tabletop fire pit. Check out my blogs on DIY Project for more ideas!