10 Bird Bath Ideas for Your Adorable Garden

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Tips For Making Your Own Bird Bath At Home

A bird bath is, in a nutshell, a shallow bucket of water set on a base. So there are more ways to build a birdbath easily. Keep these things in mind before you build an aviary:

  • Even in the winter, give the bird a bath every few days to keep it clean.
  • If you have a birdie hot tub in a cold area, all the birds in the area will come to your birdie hot tub. (Take a look at Amazon)
  • Put your bird feeder in a place where cats and dogs can’t hide and wait for birds.

Photo by The Spruce

Bird Bath with Tippy Pots

Clay pots can be used to make DIY bird baths in a lot of different ways, from simple towers to creative stacking. This topsy-turvy design is one of the most fun and creative ways to use clay pots. The bright colors make the project stand out, and the tipped pots are great for planting flowers, herbs, ferns, or other green plants. Add hummingbird flowers or flowers with seeds to bring in even more birds.

Source: Home Stories A to Z



Photo by Home Stories A to Z

Mosaic Bird Bath

I really like this second Birds & Blooms project. It’s a pretty easy bird and mosaic bathtub idea you can do yourself. A detailed tutorial how to glue the glass tiles on the terracotta background for a stunning mosaic effect!


Photo by Birds & Blooms

Recycled Glassware Birdbath

Bird pedestals are a popular style, but that doesn’t mean your pedestal has to be boring or plain. Reusing glassware is a great way to add sparkle and style to a birdbath, and who doesn’t have old vases, plates, and dishes collecting dust in a closet or at a thrift store? Use them to make a bird bath that looks old and will look great in your yard.

Source: Flea Market Gardening



Photo by Flea Market Gardening

DIY Modern Bird Bath

One of our favorite things from our friends at “The Art of Doing Stuff.” This is a simple project that only needs one candle dish from Ikea and three old pegs or broomsticks. Check out how to do it here. We also thought it would be great to use copper pipes instead of dowels for this project, since dowels rust over time.


Photo by The Art of Doing Stuff

Bird Bath with Teapots Style

With this birdbath teapot, you can make your garden look like a fairy tale and invite the birds to a tea party. With a topcoat, mismatched cups, plates, and kettles can be mixed together to make a unique and fun design that goes well with a teapot aviary. Use your own random dishes or go to thrift stores or yard sales to find a wide range of things you can use to make a birdbath.

Source: Morena’s Corner



Photo by Morena’s Corner

DIY Birdbath by Using An Old Candles

An old candlestick, a pretty saucer, and some Gorilla Glue are all you need to make this bird bath. Great substitute for a bird bath! If the candlestick is empty (or if you can drill a hole in the bottom), put a stake in the ground, then slide the candlestick over the stake to make it more stable. If it’s made of heavy metal, you’re done!

Source: The Garden Glove


Photo by The Garden Glove

Colorful Birdbath

You can show off your creativity with this stacked bird pot by using different colors and putting different things in the stacked jars. Colored pebbles, seashells, colored sand, fibers detritus, tumbling stones, or any other interesting filler may provide a distinct color and texture to the finished product. The building is strong and stable because it has wooden walls.

Source: DecoArt


Photo by DecoArt

Stone Birdbath

From “Devine Escapes,” you can learn how to make your own stone bird bath. At stores that sell supplies for landscaping, these stones can cost hundreds of dollars. With a few tools, some stones you find, and this guide, you can make your own. You don’t even have to make one this big. Why not just get a small one for your garden?


Photo by Devine Escapes

Stacked Stone Bird Bath

This simple stone block has a rustic look that will make it easy to add structure and water features to more natural gardens. Birdbaths can be made out of the lids of galvanized trash cans. If the lid has a few bumps and dents, that makes it look even more weathered. Putting ice inside the pot gives the bird more space to perch and keeps the lid from coming off.

Source: Our Fairfield Home and Garden


Photo by Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Glass Bead Bird Bath

This unusual DIY birdbath idea would be perfect for a garden with a cottage style… The glass beads add a mosaic look, and you can choose the glasses to set the overall style… All you need is a quick trip to the dollar store (or your kitchen cabinet!) and some Gorilla Glue or construction adhesive. The Whole Story (It’s Easy!) “Dollar Tree.”


Photo by Dollar Tree

Glass Lid Hanging Birdbath

Hanging birdbaths can be hung under a balcony, from a porch, or from the branches of a large tree. This easy glass-capped tub is a simple but great project to attract visitors. water bird. When it’s time to clean the tub, the lid is easy to take off and wash (even in the dishwasher), and the leash makes it more durable and stable to hang.

Source: Sadie Seasongoods


Photo by Sadie Seasongoods