6 Creative Diy Patio Flooring Ideas

Looking to make your patio your little outdoor piece of heaven? Then you need to plan many things, including the flooring. Changing up your outdoor space can be expensive, but I really want you to enjoy it, so let me show you 10 cheap ideas for outdoor flooring.

Outdoor Flooring Installation Tips

1. The Ground Surface

When putting down any kind of outdoor flooring, you need to think about the ground you are working on. If you have to move trees, dig trenches, add sand or gravel, or do anything else to level the land, it will always cost more.

It also means you’ll have to put in a lot more effort.Think about that before you decide where to put your outdoor flooring.

2. The Weather Conditions

Before choosing a type of outdoor flooring, you should think about what kind of weather it will be exposed to.

Does the material freeze well? If it’s in direct sunlight, will it grow or get damaged? Is it waterproof? Can it be dangerous if it gets wet and becomes slippery? It’s not just about how well the material can stand up to the weather; it’s also about your own safety.


Photo by Modern Frugal

6 Ideas Patio Flooring to Make Your Backyard More Creative

Deck Interlocking Tiles

Are you looking for a new outdoor flooring option that’s both stylish and simple to install? Then you might want to think about deck tiles that fit together.

Even if you have a concrete patio already, this design can make it feel more like home. You can put tiles over your concrete floor to make it look different. Most of the time, these tiles are very easy to put in, and you don’t need any complicated tools or materials.

Many interlocking deck tiles are made in sections, so they can be moved to a new spot if needed. If you break one of the patio tiles that fit together, you can just replace it and keep using the rest of the patio. So, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to replace large sections of your floor.

If you only need decking for a short time, these tiles are perfect because they are easy to take off and put back on. The subsoil can also be cleaned well by taking out the tiles, which are usually 1 or 4 square feet each.


Photo by The Garden Glove

Large Handmade Trough Planter Box

The website “Young House Love” has a full guide on how to build a paver patio. There are a lot of pictures and good instructions that can be used for a variety of looks, like the modern outdoor patio flooring design above.


Photo by Young House Love

Circular Paver Patio Flooring

In the same way, but with different materials! Circular pavers of different sizes are arranged in a random pattern on this side yard patio. From “Modern Frugal.” These pavers are set in crushed granite, but you can also install a paver patio in builders sand.


Photo by Modern Frugal

Outdoor Carpet

If you’d like a different kind of flooring, how about an outdoor carpet? The self-sticking back of an outdoor carpet makes it easy to put down in places that are protected from rain.

You can choose a carpet that looks nice, is soft, and will keep your feet warm. When you’re outside your home, it’s more cozier than a brick or concrete patio surface. Your carpet can become a work of art if you add your own personal touch to it by mixing colors and adding decorations.

I love that it’s very cheap, which makes it both useful and good value for money. All you have to do to make sure it lasts a long time and stays in good shape is to do routine maintenance on it. Cleaning and vacuuming as needed should be enough.


Photo by Best Product

Patio Flooring With Concrete

So, if you already have a concrete patio and don’t want to tear it out (NOT fun and NOT a one-day job! ), you have options. The patio version of “Home Depot” shows us how to put outdoor flooring over concrete. Looks amazing! You have to run over there to see how it turned out.


Photo by Home Depot

Recycled Patio Flooring

Home Depot has recycled Envirotile that you could use to fix up your patio. They even have a guide to help you put the tiles in place. And if you need an outdoor rug for the new floor of your patio, you can get it here.


Photo by Home Depot