Creative DIY Planter Designs for Your Patio and Porch

The necessity for outdoor planters increases with each new growing season… In addition, I’ve come up with a variety of DIY planters for any gardener, whether they like classic wooden boxes or concrete pots. Check out these DIY outdoor planter ideas and projects for inspiration, then select one or two to work on this weekend. Your porch and patio will be grateful… Possibly even your next-door neighbors!

DIY Criss Cross Outdoor Boxes

These criss-cross outdoor planters by ‘Centsational Girl‘ are stunning. They’re beautiful in white, but they’d also look great with a natural stain finish.


Photo by Centsational Girl

Large Outdoor Planter

This project by ‘Twelve on Main‘ might be just what you are searching for if you don’t have a pocket jig but want to make some huge cedar planters. She crafted seven substantial planters at a cost of less than $300 total. When you do the math, it comes out to around $40 for each package. Significantly less expensive than the cost of purchasing one of this size. Large planters are really challenging to come by due to the fact that they are so expensive, yet we are in desperate need of them. They add a lot to the look of the deck or patio, and unlike smaller containers, they don’t lose water as quickly.


Photo by Twelve on Main

DIY Modern Outdoor Planter Idea

Now I’m in love. DIY Huntress‘s wooden planter boxes are stunning! Contemporary, but not too modern that you won’t be able to utilize them on any porch or patio. Step-by-step instructions and advice on how to properly seal them ensure that they survive for years.


Photo by DIY Huntress

DIY Wood Outdoor Planter

Popular Mechanics gave me the concept for our first outdoor planter. Simple DIY wood planter instructions and photographs guide you through the process.


Photo by Popular Mechanics

DIY Large Outdoor Planter on Wheels

Interested in building a mobile planter of your own? Find out how Jessica and her father built this one at ‘Four Generations, One Roof‘! Step-by-step instructions are clearly laid out in their guide. Gardeners with limited space would appreciate this… This planter may be used to grow a complete garden! I really like it!


Photo by Four Generation, One Roof

Large Handmade Trough Planter Box

This trough created with tiles by ‘Grillo Designs‘ is another option to consider when you want a huge outdoor planter but are looking for something a little bit different. It’s one of a kind, it’s stunning, and it rolls around the ground! Which is great, since after it’s loaded up with dirt, this one is going to be a lot heavier than the others. Absolutely ideal for use as a planter on the patio! You will be provided with a great deal of training to guide you through the whole of the project.


Photo by Grillo Designs

DIY Patio Planter

With the help of the guide found on ‘Two Feet First‘, constructing this square planter box made from cedar 2x4s is a straightforward project. They also provide a video to help simplify things even more! In addition, cedar is inherently resistant to the elements, which ensures that it will hold up over time. the ideal size for a front or back porch!


Photo by Two Feet First

Cedar Ladder Garden

Using an outdoor planter in the manner of a ladder, such as the one seen here from ‘Ana White‘, it is possible to cultivate a little garden in even the tiniest corner of a patio. She made this garden planter out of some affordable wood fence pickets, and I happen to know that purchasing anything similar to this would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. Lots of in-depth directions with accompanying images, as well as a comprehensive list of materials.


Photo by Ana White

DIY Concrete Patio Pot

If you are looking for huge planters that are reasonably priced and made of concrete, then you have come to the right place. The book “Craving Some Creativity” provides instructions on how to make big pots out of concrete. They will also instruct you on how to paint them in order to give them a more personalized appearance. You may color coordinate them with the trim on your home, or you can go bold. Alternately, you might leave them unaltered for an appearance that is more current. In addition, they walk you through the process of sealing them, which is an essential step whenever you plant anything in concrete.


Photo by Craving Some Creativity

Low-cost Wooden Patio Planter

Ananda, who blogs at ‘A Piece of Rainbow‘, has a trick up her sleeve for building planter boxes that are not only very affordable, but also quite durable. I’ll let her share her recommendation as well as her whole lesson (with a video!). Just so you know, she created these huge planter boxes (from of wood) for far less than ten dollars!


Photo by A Piece of Rainbow

Flower Boxes in Vertical Wood

This Coppice Vertical Planter is available for purchase on a website in the United Kingdom known as ‘Garden Site‘, but I believe it would be quite simple to make DIY! It would be even more ideal to make the boxes out of recycled wine crates. Update: I discovered a step-by-step guide for a project that is quite similar to it over at a website called “The Handyman’s Daughter“, and it’s even better since it’s a DIY job!


Photo by The Handyman’s Daughter

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